In this section, you will find protein interaction maps published by Hybrigenics or our customers.

How do I get interaction data files ?

To get these data, you will have to fill a registration form first. A login / password will be sent back to you. This login will enable you to download (for free) interaction data from all research programs as XML files.

What is the interaction data file format ?

Interaction file format is XML PSI-MI V1. You can download the PIMWalker application to display the Interaction Map. Use PIMWalker V1.0.5 to display PSI-MI V1 file.

What is the PIMRider application for ?

With the login you used to get the interaction data, you will also be able to access the PIMRider application and navigate through the same data using graphical tools dedicated to the exploration of protein-protein interaction networks.
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