1) Check your Operating System and browser

PIMRider has been tested and is fully operational with the following configurations :

Operating Systems Browsers
 Windows OS (Vista, XP, 2000, NT)
 - Internet Explorer 6.0 (and more)
 - Mozilla Firefox 2.0
 Linux Mozilla 1.4 (and more)
 MacOS X Panther (10.3) Safari 1.2

In most cases with other browsers than these recommended, PIMRider HTML pages will be available but graphical viewers (java applets) will not run.

Check your browser settings:
- java, javascript, cookies must be enabled,
- security level must be set to its default value.

2) Install Java plug-in

You need a recent java plug-in (version 1.5 or more) in order to run PIMRider graphical viewers, go to: jre download area and download the JRE application. (JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment).
Please note that MacOS X Panther comes bundled with a recent Java plug-in 1.4.2.

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